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  • What is paintball and will I be safe?
    Paintball is great fun! It’s like a real life computer game, similar to call of duty just with loads of fresh air and action! You’ll get to play a variety of game scenarios. You are issued with a paintball marker which fires small balls of paint and these explode on impact leaving bright splat! There are lots of rules to paintball to keep everyone safe, at the start of the session the marshal in charge will hold a safety briefing, this is where you’ll also have the chance to ask any questions.
  • Does it hurt?
    Of course, if you do get shot you will feel it. It can mildly bruise, however the slight sting only lasts for a few seconds and you’ll be eager to get right back in the action again! We do recommend you wear additional layers to reduce this, but we promise you’re in great hands and there’s nothing to worry about. Paintball is a super safe activity!
  • What should I wear?
    Dress for the weather! Wear comfortable, old clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy, or potentially damaged. Removable layers with long sleeves work best. We would not recommend jeans. As for footwear, walking boots work great! Football boots and trainers are also a good option, but don’t wear your newest pair of white Nikes – they won’t be the same colour afterwards! When it’s super muddy, welly boots are also a great choice. A change of clothes and shoes is always a good idea, regardless of how muddy you get. Sandals, crocs and flipflops are not suitable and you will not be allowed to play if this is what you are wearing.
  • Is paintball suitable for children?
    Yes! In fact, we’d say it’s a great activity for them! However, parents need to know about the nature of the activity and decide for themselves whether their particular child is hardy, and mature enough to participate in paintball (as the thought that a team of 30 people charging at you firing can be a little scary). Marshals are fully trained and do keep an eye on all younger players though to make sure they are safe and have the best day ever!
  • What happens if it's raining?
    Come rain or shine, the battles on! We only cancel games in extreme weather conditions.
  • What are the Airsoft Rules at Quex?
    All walk on players guns must be Chrono’d before gameplay using our site BB’s (0.20g’s) Your details will then be recorded and a tag will be attached to your gun. No tag, no play. All guns are subject to testing at any point without warning. Refusal of this check will result in your removal from the game. ALL magazines must be removed from guns and chambers cleared BEFORE entering the safe zone. There is NO dry firing in the safe zone. Rental guns must be returned to the racks before entering the safe zone. Minimum engagement rules apply for all games. Minimum engagement for Sniper rifles and DMR’s is 30 metres. Minimum engagement for all other weapons is 20ft (3 metres). Sniper rifles and DMR’s can not be used inside structures. There is strictly semi fire ONLY on CQB games unless communicated otherwise by the marshal. If you are observed using fully automatic fire, you will be removed from the game immediately. Shooting through holes or gaps in walls on CQB is not permitted. Shooting through doors and windows is permitted. Flash bangs, smoke grenades and BFG’s are permitted. BFG’s must be approved by the marshals prior to use and may be thrown under arm only. The CQB buildings have an ‘assumed’ ceiling and as such, flash bangs, smoke grenades and BFG’s cannot be thrown over walls. Excessive bad language or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. Any such behaviour may lead to your removal from the game, or, in extreme case, your removal from the site entirely. Airsoft works on an honesty policy. If you are hit during play, raise your arm high and call ‘HIT’. You may then return to your designated respawn area and rejoin the game. Players noted consistently failing to call hits will be removed from the game. Marshall may ‘test shoot’ players during play without warning. and remember, dead men don’t talk.
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